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Pilgrim Congregational UCC adheres to a congregational style of governance. This is explained in the church’s constitution. All authority in matters of faith, order and governance is vested in the voting membership of the congregation. The role of the pastor is to be the spiritual leader of the Church and its chief administrator.

The leadership of the church is voted on at an Annual Meeting, and consists of a Church Council, Four Boards, Four Standing Committees, and a number of adhoc Committees.

The Church Council is responsible for coordination of church programs, regulation of fundraising efforts, and a general supervisory role. The Council shall not have veto power over the actions of the Official Boards unless the action conflicts with one of the Council’s responsibilities… or unless such action exceeds the power of the Board set out in this Constitution.

The roles of the Four Boards are explained in the church’s constitution. 

The Board of Christian Education (Article 10)

The Board of Christian Education shall be responsible for youth, teen, adult and inter-generational Christian education at Pilgrim, including issues relating to teachers, leaders, curriculum, and the Pilgrim library.

The Board of Diaconate (Article 11)

The Board of Diaconate shall be responsible for all services of worship (including orders of worship, music, floral decorations), communion, hospitality, ushering, membership issues, supervision of membership list, and Pilgrim’s evangelism program.

The Board of Mission Empowerment (Article 12)

Section 1. General. The Board of Mission Empowerment shall be responsible for community service, inter-church participation, and appointment of delegates to affiliated organizations of Pilgrim, missionary work, preparation of Pilgrim’s benevolence budget and supervision of such funds, and guiding Pilgrim in the areas of peace, justice, and the integrity of creation.

Section 2. The Bradley Fund. The Board shall also act as custodian of the Dan Bradley Memorial Fund. The Fund shall be disbursed at the discretion of the Pastor. The identity of recipients of Bradley Fund moneys shall be kept confidential except to the Pastor and any independent auditor of Pilgrim.

The Board of Trustees (Article 13)

Section 1. General. The Board of Trustees shall be responsible for the preparation and supervision of the budget, the upkeep of the church building and property, the supervision of the Contingent Fund for bequests and gifts received by Pilgrim, the hiring and dismissal of staff (excluding the Pastor), the promulgation and maintenance of an indemnification policy for all Pilgrim officials, the rental and use of any church property, and a yearly audit of the books of account. The officers of the Board shall act as officers of Pilgrim. 

Section 2. Church Treasurer. The Board shall appoint and supervise a Church Treasurer annually. The Treasurer shall be ex-officio member of the Board and of the Council.


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