At Pilgrim Congregational Church our faith formation journey begins in worship. In worship we are formed, informed, and transformed by the Living Word and the Holy Spirit to become the servants God created us to be.

Christian Education is an important part of our faith formation, not only as children but throughout our lives. At Pilgrim Congregational Church our Christian Educational Program focuses first and foremost on sharing stories, both ours and God’s.

It is through God’s story we learn about who we are as God’s children and it is through our story and our neighbors story where we learn that God is still speaking, …

When we listen to God’s story and our own stories we learn of God’s love, we see resurrection, a promise of new beginnings, and hope for justice to all God’s creation.

Christian Education does not take place in a vacuum. It must be integrated into a wholesome faith formation, which is a pilgrimage of shorts. Christian Education is part of a journey towards God’s hope we share with each other through stories, mission, and worship.