At Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ, we believe that education is a lifelong process. Spiritual formation and edification are parts of the journey we take together.

Bible Study on Sunday Mornings

Our adult education opportunities are varied. On Sunday mornings we hold a Bible Study at 9:00 am. Participants are encouraged to bring whatever translation of Scripture they prefer: e.g. NRSV, The Message, NIV, King James. We gather in the Church Parlor to share insights. The text under discussion is usually the reading offered that Sunday in worship. This is an excellent opportunity to come to worship having reflected on the Revised Common Lectionary reading(s) of the day beforehand.

Book Clubs

Pilgrim Congregational Church invites congregants to participate in Book Clubs throughout the year.

Educational Series

The congregation invites all to participate in few educational series each year.

Inquirers Gathering

Several times a year, we welcome new members into our church family. If you are interested in becoming a new member, we invite you to join other seekers, Pilgrim staff, and leaders on selected Sundays after worship in the Parlor.  We will share a bit about who we are, what we believe, and how we join together as the faith community of Pilgrim and the United Church of Christ.  We invite you to come with your questions and ideas.

Spirits and Social Justice

Pilgrim plans Spirits and Social Justice, evening conversations about Faith and Social Justice Issues. The conversations are held at a  local brewery in Ohio City and led by members, staff and/or friends of Pilgrim.



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