Are there household tools sitting unused in a garage or basement? We can put them to good use! Our constant building repairs, restoration and maintenance require a wide range of tools; many of which we do not have on hand. Your contribution to the church workshop is greatly needed and much appreciated.

There will be a “tool box” located outside the Mission Store on Sundays, December 4th, 11th & 18th. If you would like to contribute a gift card to Lowes or Home Depot towards the purchase of tools, that would also be highly appreciated. Gift cards can be dropped in the main office mail slot (black mail slot to the right of the main office door) or mailed to the church to the attention of the Property Manager.

A list of needed tools (anything will be accepted, here is what we need the most): Screw drivers of all types and sizes, all types of saws, adjustable wrench, paint brushes, measuring tape, bow rake, drill bits of all types/sizes, hammer, a sledge hammer, pliers, channel locks, putty knives, round nose shovel, levels, allen wrench, pry bar, utility knives, step ladder, voltage meter, WORKING POWER TOOLS – corded or cordless, with functional battery: drill, circular saw, sander, sawzall, grinder, oscillating multi-tool, table saw, planer, air compressor, work lamps

Thank you and please help us spread the word!