On November 13, 1859, thirty-four people gathered to begin a pilgrimage; 5 were Wesley Methodist, 10 were Methodist Episcopal, 4 were Presbyterian, and 11 were Congregational. Great doubt was expressed whether a church with such diversified ideas would hold together.

But we have.

From the beginning, Pilgrim took its mission seriously and set out to provide a ministry of the whole church for the whole community.

More than a century from its inception, Pilgrim’s surrounding landscape has changed. Members come and go. At times there has been doubt whether we would survive. But Pilgrim has a vision, it continues to adapt, it embraces diversity and shall thrive.

Today, as we run, walk or stumble along our journey together, let us never lose sight of the reason for this journey or miss a chance to see a rainbow on the way. The good news is always on the horizon.

Come walk with us for the experience of a lifetime meant to last a lifetime.